Why e-Attendance?
(reasons to adopt e-Attendance)

These are some major reasons we believe e-Attendance is the right management information system for your institute. We are confident it will help your Attendance perform better and grow.

Functionality with simplicity

e-Attendance and Simplicity

e-Attendance provides you a powerful yet simpler interface to schedule and track your employee with its broad first-class functionality aided with simpler interface for your ease.It offers an on-premise attendance management platform for organization of any size and kind.

Integration, not interfaced

e-Attendance and Integration

The extensive integration of all e-Attendance applications exchange real-time information, share a common database and user interface. They will seamlessly evolve every aspect of your business together eliminating the need to build custom interfaces, complex updating and maintenance.

Flexibility for growth

e-Attendance and Organizational Growth

e-Attendance allows you to activate attendance tools and functions as you need them,and stock the remaining for future obligations.With the system flexibility to expand as per your need, scaling up to more than 1 million users, you can always rely on e-Attendance to help you grow!

Web-native, not web-enabled

e-Attendance and Simplicity

e-Attendance is accessed using the intuitive interface in Web mode. This will help your business expand over multiple sites. You can also develop stronger relationships with management, administration and other stake holders giving them customized access to the system.

Cost-effective and efficient

e-Attendance and Cost Effectiveness

We have built e-Attendance to dramatically reduce the time of implementation and customization without sacrificing any functionality. We understand that reducing costs from day one is the best way to guarantee a fast return on investment!

Multi-company by design

e-Attendance and Success

Global standard requires global tools. e-Attendance is available in multi-language allowing multiple users to access the system in their own language. Legal and other requirements for business are also centralized to offer a single global solution.

Each customer matters to us, and our team of consultants and engineers are dedicated to make your business a success story!

Business Goals

e-Attendance Business Goals
  • Automate the On-Premise Attendance Management process
  • Facilitate easier scheduling and tracking employee time & attendance
  • Scalable solution for your growing business needs
  • Improve the overall Attendance Management Mechanism
  • Minimize response time

Innovative Management

e-Attendance and Management

Here’s a novel idea: Let’s fix employee scheduling. Let’s ditch the paperwork, and focus on the people. Let’s stop complaining about compliance. Instead of reacting, let’s act. We can do Attendance Management together. Your organization plus our expertise.

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Features at a glance

  • Simple and straight forward

    Designed to be simple and straight forward, this powerful web based Attendance Management Application makes it simple to track and schedule employee time and attendance, anytime and with any Internet connection

  • Self-service

    Give your employee the access to submit requests and have these authorized electronically, view their own data and needed documents online. Manager users can authorize requests from all concerns, update information, view documents and run reports from their user screens.

  • Email notifications

    e-Attendance will automatically send email’s directly to users with SMTP compliant email systems such as Outlook. It will send notifications of follow-up dates and reminders as well as instructions to users and reminders as well as instructions to users and authorizers.

  • Document management

    Use the document management features to manage your organizational documents, handbooks and policies relating to attendance with full version control.

  • Intuitive user interface

    The communities in e-Attendance allows you to provide a plain English interface that is easy even to understand for non-technical users.

  • Track key dates

    Every date field in e-Attendance can be set as an event trigger to generate an automatic reminder to any member of the Institute or any manager/employee.

  • Comprehensive data storage

    With over 250 screens of data e-Attendance allows you to build a comprehensive attendance record.

  • Loads

    Robust and scalable to cater very large loads, scalable upto 1 million users.

  • Security

    The system bears a flexible security allowing you to allocate different roles to each user retaining access to the data.

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